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Here’s All About The Museum of Broken Relationships

The Museum of Broken Relationships is a Croatian landmark. It is peacefully housed in the capital of Croatia (which also happens to be its largest city) called Zagreb. This museum is dedicated purely to love relationships that have failed and the exhibits represent all of the sorrow and misery housed in them. The artifacts in the museum include personal objects and prized possessions leftover from former lovers alongside a short story to describe the presence in the museum and their grave past.

The museum started its showcase from humble beginnings. It initially consisted of a collection of donated items from lovers obtained by travelers who had found them along their journeys. Today,  it is regarded as one of the most innovative museums (having received the Kenneth Hudson Award) and sees more than a hundred thousand visitors each year.

A Brief History of the Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb

The museum was founded by two local artists, a film producer, and a sculptor. The initial idea for the Museum of Broken Relationships started as a satire between the founders after a joke about the end of their 4 year-long relationships. However, as time went by, they eventually started asking around for the prized possessions that their friends kept in their homes as a reminder of the people that they loved in the past. Slowly but surely, the idea of a museum to display these objects of sorrow to more people didn’t seem so far-fetched to them after all.

The museum was opened to the public for the first time in the year 2006 as part of the 41st Zagreb Salon. The location of Zagreb was chosen due to its significance as the capital city of Croatia and also as a homage to the roots of the founding members. A few years down the line, the museum started going on tours around the other nations of Europe and the Americas including the countries of Argentina, Bosnia, Singapore, England, and more. 

Interesting Artefacts

The museum is described by its founding members as an art concept that diverges from scientific understanding and possesses, instead, integrated fields of abstract memories and emotions. This is basically to say that the museum artifacts speak more towards your inner feelings and emotions than represent something of a knowledgeable or tangible significance. The whole museum is divided into several sub-sections for segments:

  • The Materials Remains Layout includes objects and various documents such as pictures, handwritten letters, and other personal messages. These objects are documented with dates and locations of the relationships and the signature of their previous owner.
  • The Virtual Web Museum allows the visitors to become donors by uploading their own set of personal documents and images into the network of the museum. These are open to being viewed by other customers and patrons by accessing the portal.
  • Finally, the Confessional is an interactive part of the museum. Here, visitors can come and store their very own objects and messages or even record their confessions in a private and intimate space. This allows people to talk about bottled-up and deep-rooted emotions that they have long repressed so they can get rid of them once and for all. 

Getting to The Museum of Broken Relationships

This museum can be accessed using a Zadar to Zagreb bus that leads from Zadar Central Bus station and ends at Zagreb Central Bus Station. The trip will cost around 22 euros on average. A mere 25-minute tram ride through Line 6 or a 12-minute cab ride from the drop location will get you to the museum with ease. One can also book a Split to Zagreb bus in order to reach the museum.

This is just a small summary of what the Museum of Broken Relationships is all about. To truly experience its marvelous sentiment and meaning, one must definitely come to visit. And this wonderful location can easily be facilitated by availing your nearest redBus service. For as little as 22 euros, you can travel to this monument within Zagreb with ease. For more information on these different travel locations and to find out about the latest offers that are available when traveling to Croatia, check out the redBus website and book your tickets today!

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