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Best Hikes for Backpackers in Europe

Europe is considered to be a paradise when it comes to hiking trails. Many hiking trails in Europe can help you explore the beauty of nature. Many adventure buffs from different continents come to Europe for hiking and climbing peaks. Before planning your trip, you should know some of the best hikes in Europe. From Mont Blanc in France to fjords in Norway, Europe has a lot to offer when it comes to hiking. Read on to know more about some of the best hikes in Europe. 

Mont Blanc  

Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps ranges, attracts many hikers throughout the year. Tour de Mont Blanc (TMB) is a popular walking trail across the globe. TMB is around 170 km long and you will go through several countries while completing this hiking trail. The Tour de Mont Blanc will take you through France, Italy, and Switzerland. It is among the popular hikes in Europe due to its notable history. 

In the 17th century, Horace Benedict wanted to cross Mont Blanc but ended up walking around it. This mistake led to the discovery of Tour de Mont Blanc, one of the best hikes in Europe. If you walk for around 6-8 hours each day, it will take you 10-11 days to complete the Tour de Mont Blanc hiking/walking trail. You can camp in between to explore the majestic beauty of Mont Blanc. 

Fjords in Norway

Have you ever seen a fjord created by a glacier? Well, Norway’s coastline is decorated with many majestic fjords. Fjords are small inlets created over time by the splitting of glaciers. On both sides of a fjord, there are cliffs which are an invitation for hikers. Some of the best hiking trails Europe are in Norway. 

There are around 1,200 fjords on Norway’s coastline for every type of hiker. The length of Norway’s coastline is more than 28,000 km. However, excluding the Norwegian fjords, the length of the coastline remains only 2,500 km. If you are up for some challenging hiking trails Europe, visit Himakana, Langfossen, Trolltunga, or Geirangerfjord in Norway.

Mount Triglav 

If you are up for hiking Slovenia, Mount Triglav is the right choice. Many mountaineers/hikers try to climb Mount Triglav as it is a challenging hike. The height of this summit is more than 2,800 metres and you need to be an expert hiker to complete the hike. Both the routes for climbing Mount Triglav consist of fixed cables to help climbers. 

On the top of Mount Triglav, you will find the Kredarica Hut. Kredarica Hut is a popular tourist attraction because it is the highest mountain hut in the country. Before hiking Slovenia Mount Triglav, make sure you have the expertise for it. You can also take a guide with you to complete the Mount Triglav hike. It may take you around 48 hours to complete the Mount Triglav hike. 

Caucasus Mountains 

Georgia is a beautiful country located at the junction of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Georgia lies in the Caucasus region, which offers the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. Some of the best hiking trails in Europe are in Georgia. On the hiking trail to the Caucasus Mountains, hikers can spot wild animals like chamois, deer, and marmot. 

You will pass through quaint villages and crystal-clear lakes on your hike to the Caucasus Mountains. For its unique ecosystem and biodiversity, the Western Caucasus has been recognised as a UNESCO heritage site. A hike to the Caucasus Mountains can take you 4-5 days or longer depending upon how far you go. 

Via Dinarica 

The Balkan Peninsula is one of the geographically rich areas in Europe. Hikes in Europe are incomplete if you miss the majestic Via Dinarica hike. The Balkan Peninsula is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea, Marmara Sea, and many other water bodies. In Western Balkans, Via Dinarica is a hiking trail for adventure buffs. 

The White Trail to Via Dinarica is more than 1,200 km and will take you through several European countries. The Via Dinarica trail starts from Slovenia, and takes you through Bosnia, Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Herzegovina, and Montenegro. You can complete the entire Via Dinarica trail or break it into a small trail of around seven days. Balkan tourism is planning to launch Blue and Green Trails to Via Dinarica soon for tourists. 

West Highland Way 

Don’t leave Europe without exploring Scotland’s Great Trails. Recognised by the government, Scotland’s Great Trails are among the best hiking trails in Europe. All trails included in Scotland’s Great Trails consist of dedicated walking trails for walkers, horse riders, and cyclists. The West Highland Way is among the most-visited of Scotland’s Great Trails. 

Stretching across 154 kilometres, the West Highland Way offers picturesque views to walkers. You will begin hill walking from Glasgow and end it at Fort William. Along the trail of West Highland Way, you can find many accommodation facilities. Many tourists prefer to camp on the way to Fort William for a sense of adventure. If you complete the entire walking trail to Fort William, it may take around 7-10 days. 

Hiking the Dolomites 

Located in North-eastern Italy, Dolomites is a mountain range that attracts hikers from all parts of the world. There are many peaks and passes to fascinate you while hiking the Dolomites. Dolomites have been recognised by UNESCO as a heritage site, as it offers evidence of WWI. While hiking the Dolomites, you can witness abandoned bunkers from WWI. You can also visit some ancient and isolated villages while hiking the Dolomites. 

Hike Italy Dolomites if you want to see beautiful landscapes of wildflowers. There are many peaks in the Dolomites range and you can choose any depending upon your level of expertise. You can go for a single day trip in the Dolomites or for a multi-day adventure. 

Camino De Santiago Trail

If you are hungry for more hiking France after the Mont Blanc hike, the Camino De Santiago trail is the apt choice. The Camino De Santiago trail goes through the majestic Pyrenees Range that is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the vast Atlantic Ocean. The Camino De Santiago trails are popular among adventure buffs as well as pilgrimage seekers. There are many cultural and pilgrimage attractions along the Camino De Santiago trails. You can see picturesque valleys, rivers, and towns while walking along the Camino De Santiago trails. 

Many devotees from all parts of the world walk on the Camino De Santiago trails to obtain the Compostela Certificate. The Compostela Certificate is a religious proof written in Latin obtained after walking at least 100 km to Santiago de Compostela. However, there is no compulsion that you have to obtain the Compostela Certificate or become a part of the pilgrimage walks to the Santiago de Compostela. Hiking France will become a memorable event after walking on the Camino De Santiago trails. 

Rota Vicentina 

In Southwestern Portugal, there is a network of walking/cycling trails recognised at Rota Vicentina. The entire Rota Vicentina trail stretches around 400 kilometres and covers many sub-trails. You can also go for small trails within the Rota Vicentina trail. Many people come to walk on the Historic and Fisherman trail for a memorable experience. Rota Vicentina is among the best hikes in Europe that also offer many accommodation facilities. 

Along the Rota Vicentina trail, you will find several camping facilities, rustic huts, and guest houses for accommodation. You will go through scenic farmlands and quaint little villages while walking on the Rota Vicentina trail. The Rota Vicentina trail is easy and can be walked by anyone. 

Hikes in Europe are one of the primary reasons that attract tourists from all parts of the world. You can find easy and well as challenging hikes in Europe. You can also go camping along the hiking trails in Europe for a memorable experience. Enjoy hiking trails Europe this season! 

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