austria pre-travel clearance

Things to Note for Entry in Austria and Pre-Travel Clearance

The recent COVID pandemic enforced a ban on all travel activities. Austria has also suffered during the recent COVID pandemic. Austria has witnessed more than 7,30,000 COVID active cases to date. However, more than 6,90,000 COVID patients have fully recovered in Austria. The travel ban has been lifted in Austria and people from other countries are allowed to enter. The cross-border bus services from neighbouring countries like Slovakia are also operational now in Austria. However, you will have complete Austria pre-travel clearance as per the government orders. Read on to know more about the latest Austria entry requirements. 

How pre-travel clearance works in Austria? 

To make sure no infected passengers enter the country, the Austrian government has implemented an ordinance named ‘COVID-19 Entry Regulation 2021’. The COVID -19 Entry Regulation checks the passengers entering Austria under three categories. Whether you enter Austria by bus or by flight, you will have to strictly adhere to the Austria entry requirements. Let us know the three categories of Austria entry requirements.

Entry from Appendix 1 regions

Not all countries possess the same level of COVID-related risks. Some countries are doing much better in terms of the COVID pandemic as compared to other countries. The Austrian government has placed those regions in Appendix 1 that possess the lowest level of COVID-related risks. Countries like Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Vietnam are placed under Appendix 1 by the Austrian government. At present, there are around 49 states and regions placed under Appendix 1 by the Austrian government. The Austria entry restrictions and guidelines for Appendix 1 regions are as follows: 

• Each type of travel is permitted from those regions that fall under Appendix 1. Tourists from Appendix 1 countries are also allowed to enter Austria. 

• You will need to show vaccination proof for entering Austria. If you have just recovered from COVID, you need to show proof of recovery upon entering Austria. The vaccination proof provided by the passengers should be printed in Latin letters and issued in English or German language. 

• For obtaining the pre-travel  clearance Austria, your proof of recovery should not be old than 180 days. You can also show proof of an antibody test which should not be old than 90 days to gain the pre-travel  clearance Austria. 

• You will have to fill the pre-travel  clearance Austria form before stepping into Austria. 

• You will have to take a COVID-19 test and show the negative test report upon landing in Austria. The COVID-19 negative test report to be shown at Austrian checkpoints should not be older than a day. 

• If you are flying to Austria from any region mentioned in Appendix 1, you will have to present a negative PCR test report upon landing. Passengers that can produce a COVID recovery certificate do not need to show a PCR test report for entering Austria. 

Note: For Austria pre-travel clearance, you have to show certification of vaccines that are authorised by EMA (European Medicines Agency). Passengers coming to Austria can also show certification of vaccines that are WHO-certified. 

Entry from Appendix 2 regions 

At present, the Austrian have placed Brazil, Costa Rica, Suriname, and Chile in Appendix 2. The regulations for entering Austria from the regions mentioned in Appendix 2 are as follows: 

• Entry from red zones that have more COVID cases is prohibited to Austria. However, if you are an Austrian citizen having a permanent residence, you are allowed to enter Austria from these countries. 

• All passengers will have to show a COVID negative molecular report for entering Austria. Vaccinated passengers also have to show the molecular report on arrival. 

• All passengers will have to fill the Austria pre-travel  clearance form that is available online. 

• All passengers entering Austria will have to complete ten days in isolation. However, if you can produce a new COVID negative test report on the fifth day of isolation, you can decrease your quarantine period. 

• Passengers that have recently recovered from COVID do not have to show a negative PCR test report for entering Austria. However, they still have to go through the mandatory isolation period. 

Entry from remaining regions 

Entry in Austria from regions that aren’t mentioned in Appendix 1 or 2 is primarily allowed for now. You still have to adhere to the Austria entry requirements that are as follows: 

• You will have to provide a negative COVID report for entering Austria. Passengers also have to fill the Austria pre-travel  clearance form before arrival. You also have to go through the self-isolation period after arriving in Austria. 

• You can also provide vaccination or COVID recovery proof for entering Austria. Vaccinated or recovered passengers do not need to self-isolate themselves in Austria. You don’t have to fill the Austria pre-travel  clearance form if you are vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 recently. 

• If you can show a negative PCR test on the fifth day of arrival in Austria, you can end your isolation period. 

These were the categories under which Austria entry requirements are listed. These guidelines were imposed on the 15th of September and will be valid till October 31, 2021. Also, you have to fill the Austria pre-travel  clearance form 72 hours before arrival. 

Is bus travel available to/from Austria?

Cross-border bus travel to/from Austria is currently permitted. You can board numerous cross-border buses like Vienna to Bratislava bus or Salzburg to Munich bus. People can now travel from Austria to neighbouring countries like Germany and Slovakia by bus. However, you will have to adhere to the entry regulations of the destination country. Besides visiting physical ticketing counters, you can book Austria bus tickets online via a reputed e-ticketing platform. 

It is compulsory to adhere to the Austria entry requirements. Showing fake medical certifications upon arrival in Austria could land you in legal hassles. Passengers travelling from neighbouring countries to Austria can take a bus for safe travel. Travel safely to Austria by bus!